A strong export partner created by Gangwon-do and local residents
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Gangwon Export Co., Ltd. promotes the export products of producer groups and companies in Gangwon-do, such as fresh agricultural products, processed foods, and industrial products, to overseas locations, thereby demonstrating the potential of Gangwon-do products, raising awareness, and revitalizing the local economy of Gangwon-do and income of Gangwon-do residents by entering overseas markets. It was officially launched in October 2020 as a private-public joint venture established through joint investment by the administration, corporations, and producer groups for the purpose of increasing the number.

Gangwon Export Co., Ltd. promotes and promotes not only small and medium-sized enterprises in the province that are experiencing difficulties in exporting, but also provides practical export consulting such as obtaining various certifications and customs clearance, as well as various events and exhibitions to connect with overseas buyers. We support marketing activities and promote online marketing using overseas online shopping malls such as the US and Singapore to raise awareness of Gangwon-do products and to develop overseas markets.

In addition to the existing export markets such as the United States, China, and Japan, Gangwon Export Co., Ltd. secures more consumers by entering new markets such as Russia and Southeast Asia, which have great future growth potential, and secures sales networks for each country in a rapidly changing trade environment. We are building a business network that can respond quickly to In the future, Gangwon Export Co., Ltd. will continue to strive to become a strong partner for growth and development together with companies and producers by becoming the driving force for the development of the export industry in Gangwon-do.

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Gangwon Export Co., Ltd. CEO Won, Ei-sik

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